Eco-Health Concentration

The Eco-Health Care Concentration provides 
students with an opportunity to expand their 
understanding of the psychological, emotional, 
physical, cognitive, and spiritual needs of 
human beings, while exploring the impact of 
ecopsychology and eco-health approaches on 
Creative Arts Therapy, psychotherapy, and 
medical and healthcare practice.

The unique focus of this concentration is on eco-health, ecopsychology, environmental illness, and the creative arts as a source of healing, strength, insight, and hope.

Concentration Requirements:

ICAF and ICAT candidates must complete the following four General Education courses:

  • ECO 01  Professional Development: Eco-Health
  • ECO 02  Introduction to Ecopsychology
  • ECO 03  Fundamentals in the Continuum of Care
  • ECO 04  Working with Clients with Environmental Illnesses

All Eco-Health Care Concentration students are required to complete a Capstone Project. The Capstone Project begins as part of ECO 03 Fundamentals in the Continuum of Care and is due at the successful conclusion of ECO 04 Working with Clients with Environmental Illnesses. Full details of the Capstone Project (many students select writing a paper for their project) are provided in the ECO 03 Fundamentals in the Continuum of Care course syllabus.

Upon successful completion of all Eco-Health Care Concentration requirements, students will receive an Eco-Health Care Certificate in addition to their ICAF or ICAT Certification.

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