Transfer Credit Options

You will need to submit an official transcript to CELA for every course for which you would like to 
receive transfer credit. Transfer credit for prior completion of courses requires submission of an 
official transcript from a CELA-approved community college/college/university. Transfer credit option
does not apply to all CELA certification course requirements.

Contact the school you attended to request an official transcript. Transcript requests are usually submitted in writing. Many schools have an online transcript request process. Schools may or may not charge a fee for the official transcript. Some schools charge a fee if the transcript is sent to or picked up by the student and do not charge a fee when an official transcript is sent by them directly to another school. Check with your school to learn their policy.

CELA does not accept transfer credits for the Eco-Health Care Concentration & Certificate courses or for the Alternative & Holistic Healthcare Concentration & Certificate courses.


  1. Contact the school you attended;
  2. Request that they send an official copy of your transcript to CELA;
  3. Complete and submit online the CELA transfer credit notification form


CELA accepts transfer credit for passing CLEP scores on the following CLEP exams only: Introductory Psychology, Human Growth & Development, Humanities (Humanities CLEP exam counts towards arts area coursework requirement).

Work/Life Credit

CELA recognizes and may accept relevant work and life experience towards course requirements on a case-by-case basis. Does not apply to all course requirements. More work/life course credit information

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