ICAF/ICAT Online Transcript Request

Two options available:

PayNow   – fr online, email, and special situation transcript requests

  1. Pay for your transcript using the PayPal Payment & Check-out portal (below);
  2.  Complete and submit the online Transcript Request form (immediately beneath the payment portal).

InvoiceMe – for special situation transcript requests and must have CELA prior approval

  1. Complete the Online Transcript Request form below;
  2. Select the “InvoiceMe” option from the “Payment option” drop-down list;
  3. This will generate an invoice from PayPal emailed to you;
  4. Click “Pay” on the invoice to pay for your transcript.


PayPal Payment & Check-out – PayNow Option

ICAF Official Transcript $6.00/each


ICAF Unofficial Transcript $4.00/each


ICAT Official Transcrip $6.00/each


ICAT Unofficial Transcript $4.00/each


>> Expedited Delivery U.S. & Canada $40.00


>> Expedited Delivery outside U.S. & Canada $55.00




ICAF/ICAT Online Transcript Request:

All transcript costs and fees are subject to change without notice. The most current transcript costs and fees are posted on the CELA website.