Alternative & Holistic Healthcare Certificate

Alternative medicines embrace a wide variety of 
approaches to health, healing, and wellness. 
These approaches include diet and nutrition, 
acupuncture, hypnosis, expressive/creative arts 
therapies, mindfulness, mind-body-spirit practices, 
and more. CELA’s Alternative & Holistic Healthcare 
Certificate provides a foundation in alternative 
medical and holistic approaches in healthcare that 
can be incorporated into clinical, educational, and 
consulting professional practice.

General Education Requirements

CELA’s Alternative & Holistic Healthcare Certificate Program requires completion of the following four courses:

  • AH01  Alternative Medicine in the Continuum of Care
  • AH02 Theories of Holistic Care
  • AH03  Alternative Medical Approaches: A Survey
  • AH04  Illness & Wellness

Elective Requirement

In addition to the four General Education courses, the Alternative & Holistic Healthcare Certificate Program requires the completion of 2 elective courses. Elective courses can be chosen from the following CELA online courses:

  • AH05  Intro to Sound Therapy
  • AH06  Writing as a Therapeutic Modality
  • AH07  Spirituality in Health & Healing
  • AH08  Welcome to my Garden: Horticulture, Health, & Healing
  • AH09  Intro to Eco Art Therapy
  • AH10  Breaking Bread: A Journey of the Spirit

Each CELA online course is 30 contact hours

The Capstone Project

All Alternative & Holistic Healthcare Certificate Program students are required to complete a Capstone Project. The Capstone Project begins as part of  AH01 Alternative Medicine in the Continuum of Care and is due at the successful conclusion of all program General Education and Elective course requirements. Full details of the Capstone Project are provided in the AH01 course syllabus.


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Tuition for the Alternative & Holistic Healthcare Certificate: $600 (Does not include fees or the cost of required course books.)


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